Jason was born in a small town called Belper located 7 miles outside the city of Derby in a time before the internet. By the time the 80’s home computer boom arrived he was a young teenager, and had became fascinated by the capability of a friends 16K ZX Spectrum. From then on during art class at school, to the frustration of his art teacher, instead of painting he could be found writing basic programs on the paper instead. This was something his father upon returning from a school parents evening questioned him about. In the Christmas of that year Jason had a 48K ZX Spectrum (thanks Dad) and many evenings and weekends became a mix of programming & gaming. This in turn inspired him to further his knowledge at Nottingham Trent University, and eventually led to the start of a career as a software developer in a software house developing bespoke solutions. 

Jason met his now wife Julie in 1990 and this changed his life forever, and in 2000 was blessed with the arrival of his son Ryan. In 2014 Julie required emergency spinal surgery, the consequences of which saw a prolonged period of recovery. In order to spend more time at home during this period Jason made adjustments to his career, being able to transition seamlessly from a Global Product Support Manager to a Support Analyst role. Julie has surpassed expectations in her recovery given the severity of her condition and is now an up and coming artist.

When he is not working, Jason creates modern versions (with a twist) of 8 bit computer games from the 80’s, dabbling with Raspberry Pi, walking in the Peak District, enjoying film nights with his family and holidays to North Devon.

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